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STEM at The Heart: Math & Science Competition

February 2023

Hattiesburg, MS - Sacred Heart Catholic School competed in the Mississippi Science and Mathematics Tournament at Mississippi College in February 2023. The team consisted of 12 high school students led by Donna Wilson, high school STEM faculty.

“Students have a desire to learn at Sacred Heart,” said Wilson. “It was fun getting back to this annual competition. We have not been able to participate since COVID.” Wilson currently teaches Algebra 3, Advanced Math Plus, AP Calculus, and Physics at the high school.  

Over 1,000 high school students from around Mississippi took written exams in biology, chemistry, computer science, math, and physics. Students also competed for scholarships up to $2,000 at Mississippi College.

Senior, Landon Le, placed in the top twentieth percentile in mathematics. “I liked being involved in an academically competitive situation with other students,” said Le. “It was fun meeting other students from Mississippi with similar interests.”

Richard “Reese” Sullivan, senior at Sacred Heart, placed in the top ten percentile in mathematics. “Since we were not able to practice for the competition (due to COVID), I realized how much Sacred Heart has prepared me for math.”

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Left to Right: Class of 2023, Landon Le and Reese Sullivan