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The Sacred Heart Way: Student Honor

The Sacred Heart Way was created in 2014 to demonstrate the soul of Sacred Heart Catholic School. Students have embodied the principles of faith, respect and honor since 1900. This motto helps our students have a better understanding of the principles Sacred Heart expects as students become well-respected individuals in the school, state and professional careers. Every morning, The Sacred Heart Way is recited by students, faculty and staff after prayer and the pledge of allegiance. It's our daily reminder to strive to be the best versions of ourselves while serving as disciples of Jesus Christ.  The Sacred Heart Way | Sacred Heart Catholic School - Hattiesburg, MS (

The principles of Faith. Respect. Honor:

  • Faith | Faith is our Foundation. Our faith in God leads us to truth, strength and hope.
  • Respect | Respect creates an environment that is positive and productive. We must show respect for our school, our teachers, our administration, staff, fellow students and ourselves.
  • Honor | Honor is honesty and integrity in all that we do -- including our work, tests and assignments.

High School Campus

Every month, faculty and administration nominate students that embody the Sacred Heart Way. Students, seventh through twelfth, are chosen and announced during Mass. Let us congratulate these students for honoring God and acting out their faith through how they respect others and themselves.

  7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th
Aug Pearl Cullop Maya Venkat Kendall Fairley Evan Do Cameron Bevon Noah Brock
Sept John Mosby Newton Hannah Paterson Rick Conville Kensie Baugh Jack Hasselbring Samantha Alliston


Elementary Campus

Faculty and administration nominate students that embody the Sacred Heart Way. One student is announced every morning during announcements. Students are nominated for numerous reasons which include, but are not limited to, showing leadership skills, strong work ethic, and helping others without being asked. Student recipients can be found on Sacred Heart Catholic School social media accounts: