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Helping at The Heart

Sacred Heart Catholic School was founded in 1900 as a ministry of Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Faith-based education is the focus and cornerstone for all teachings. Our motto states, “May we be students and teachers who are anchored in the Christian faith, always showing respect to others and our school, and may we honor God with our thoughts, actions, and deeds. It is the Sacred Heart Way.”

Two Sader Family members are in need of our prayers, and we have two opportunities to support their medical journeys:

  • Consider purchasing a shirt to support Karla Hogan's medical care (select the photo to order). Karla is the wife of Mr. Hogan, SHS Dean of Students, and has been diagnosed with Glioblastoma (GBM). Design inspiration...Mr. Hogan! GOOOOOOOOOOO Saders! Available in Royal Blue, Gray and White. If you have additional questions, reach out to A1 Graphics or Mrs. Charles, HS Principal.

  • Dr. Rhonda Clark is the former Superintendent for Diocese of Biloxi and recovering from brain surgery. You can contact the school office if you have questions. Consider giving in her honor to this GoFundMe.