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Art at The Heart: Symmetry Mural

October 2022

Hattiesburg, MS – Students thinking off the paper at Sacred Heart Catholic School is just one creative showcase for the Fine Arts program at the high school. The Lines of Symmetry Mural project was a way to combine principles from both geometry and visual art through interactive demonstration.

“I wanted to find an art project that would take students away from the normal pencil and paper,” said high school art faculty, Shanna Britt. “The project allowed students to work as a team while thinking critically about the use of lines for art murals.”

A turtle design created by Vivvie Teneyck, seventh grade student, was selected as the best suited drawing for the mural. The blue tape represented Sacred Heart Catholic School colors and was specifically placed near another Fine Arts classroom at the high school.

“I decided to draw a turtle since the upcoming Homecoming theme was Under the Sea and an animal would work perfectly for the project,” said Teneyck. “It felt great being chosen by my peers, and I was proud of my drawing, especially the outline of the shell.”

Sacred Heart Catholic School is hosting a Fine Arts Gala on Wednesday, November 30 from 6-7:30 PM on the high school campus. Artists from both the elementary and high school will showcase their talents for the community through visual, choral, percussion, piano, orchestra, and theatre. Immerse yourself by attending this Fine Arts event and supporting young artists in your community. For more information, contact the Sacred Heart Foundation at