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Spiritual Life


The spiritual lives of Sacred Heart students are enriched through a variety of activities throughout the year. Daily prayers are led by administrators during morning and afternoon announcements. Students also attend Mass and participate in retreats, community service, and charity events.

Student Mass

All students attend Mass on a bi-weekly, rotating schedule and on Holy Days of Obligation. Parents, parishioners and other guests are welcome to attend Mass and should refer to the school calendar for the schedule.

Community Service

Sacred Heart elementary and high school students participate in community service projects throughout the year, serving those in need and supporting their surrounding communities. Furthermore, 7th and 8th graders are required to fulfill 60 hours of community service per school year, and 9th through 12th graders are expected to complete 80 hours of community service. Parents are also required to give back to the community as part of their commitment to Sacred Heart. All students are expected to follow The Sacred Heart Way: “May we be students and teachers who are anchored in the Christian FAITH, always showing RESPECT to others and our school, and may we HONOR God with our thoughts, actions, and deeds. It is the Sacred Heart Way.”