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The Sacred Heart Way

sacred heart catholic school hattiesburg ms

Sacred Heart Catholic School students have embodied the principles of faith, respect and honor for generations. It is the desire of the administration to continue this 118-year tradition by educating students on these principles and how they relate to day-to-day situations. Through the implementation of The Sacred Heart Way, students have a clear understanding of the principles that have guided our student body to become well-respected individuals, and our school to become one of the best schools in South Mississippi. Students will grow as individuals, while understanding the importance of these principles in their daily lives.

Students are educated on The Sacred Heart Way on the first day of school and are expected to adhere to the standards of The Way daily by learning its pledge statement. They recite the pledge each day during morning announcements and are reminded of its components through educational and visual presentations in the school. Students write the three guiding principles of “Faith, Respect and Honor” on each assignment submitted for a grade. The Sacred Heart Way is fully integrated into all school activities including sports, clubs and events.

The principles of Faith, Respect and Honor:

  • Faith is our foundation. Our faith in God leads us to truth, strength and hope.
  • Respect creates an environment that is positive and productive. We must show respect for our school, teachers, administration, staff, fellow students and ourselves.
  • Honor is honesty and integrity in all that we do – including our work, assignments and tests.