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Diocese Launches Guardian Angel Program

May 21, 2018  Become a Guardian Angel The mission of the Guardian Angel Program is to provide financial assistance for children to attend Catholic Schools. 

  • Scholarship Assistance Program for Diocese of Biloxi Catholic Schools
  • Kindergarten – 12th Grade
  • $300 or more donation per year to be recognized as a Guardian Angel
  • Average tuition for Elementary School $4,000 Catholic/$5,000 Non-Catholic
  • Average tuition for Middle/High School $5,500 Catholic/$6,500 Non-Catholic
  • Donations may be paid annually, semiannually, quarterly, or monthly
  • Donations can be tax deductible (donors should consult their accountant)
  • Donations are made payable to the school
  • Parents/Guardians of students must complete an annual third-party assessment to be eligible for assistance through the Guardian Angel Program (this may be the same one already used at the Catholic school)
  • The Pastor(s) and Principal review the applications and make determination of awards
  • All recipients must keep agreements confidential
  • Giving Day is held annually on Memorial Day Weekend

For more information, see Guardian Angel Brochure.