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Sacred Heart Catholic School

Sacred Heart Catholic School is a comprehensive, co-educational, college-preparatory school founded in 1900 by Father Sylvester Greimel and the Sisters of Mercy. With an average annual enrollment of more than 750 students in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade, Sacred Heart is located on two campuses in historic downtown Hattiesburg, Mississippi. As a ministry of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Sacred Heart offers its students a solid foundation centered on faith and values with a focus on individual growth, academic excellence, and community service.

A note from Father Ken:

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Hello Sacred Heart and Holy Rosary,

Tomorrow will be one week since we have gathered as the Church. I truly miss all of you and though we gave “live streaming video mass” our best shot, we could not figure out the “why” behind the malfunction. The night before we were up and running for over an hour and a half and thought all was good…so, apologies. We will try again this Thursday morning for 8:15 AM from the chapel. Keep us in your prayers as I am sure this would be great for all concerned to be able to see mass from a familiar place.

Our school is reaching out on a regular basis to all of our students. Parents, teachers, students, staff…be patient with each other…this is new and scary for all. Let us all err on the side of charity. Christopher reached out to parents of our CCD students. We will continue paying all essential personnel for the time being but some we cannot afford after this month, and I will be letting them know.

Please, as you are able, patronize our parish business owners. I drove through Hattiesburg and it was eerily quiet. I know this is necessary but let us do what we can to help each other.

Our, collection this past weekend did not happen. Some dropped off their envelopes or gave online (a glitch also, sorry!). Understand you and your family come first, thus, if you are experiencing hardship ignore the rest of this update. If, however, you are doing okay financially I ask you to consider supporting the Church, as you are able, during these weeks and possibly months when we are not gathering. Good news is I am a “saver” and we will remain solvent for a time but if we keep drawing on reserves without any income…you know the result as well as I do. So, give as you can. Mail your offering to 313 Walnut Street, (Sacred Heart) or 900 Dabbs Street (Holy Rosary). For Sacred Heart you can go online ( and make an offering. Or you can come by Sacred Heart Church Office and bring your offering for Sacred Heart or Holy Rosary and we will make sure it gets to the right place.

Finally, please pray for the repose of the souls of Ruth Ann Smith from Sacred Heart who was buried Saturday and Frances M. Jordan from Holy Rosary who will be buried tomorrow. Death is difficult enough but these families have to say goodbye at graveside when the Eucharist and our communities were so important to both! May they rest in peace.

Let us pray for each other. Blessings.